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Inheritance Cash Advances

Inheritance Broker helps you overcome the long delays built into the probate process.

With Inheritance Broker . . .

  • You get part of your inheritance now, instead of waiting months, or even years!
  • You make no monthly payments—Inheritance Broker is repaid from the estate.
  • There's no concern about credit references or current employment.
  • You'll get fast, courteous and friendly help from Inheritance Broker's funding officers.
  • No obligation. No costs to apply.
  • Complete one simple application for fast results

Client Testimonial
   "As an heir to a probate, I was looking for a loan against my inheritance.  Another heir recommended Inheritance Broker - They gave me a cash advance of $5,000, 7 days after submitting my application.  If you need money fast, you can trust Inheritance Broker"
                                                   Annette M.
                                                Phoenix, AZ


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